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W H A T  W E  D O 

At SF Planters our mission is to create beautiful and vibrant sidewalk planter box installations for our customers. Whether you are a business owner, home owner, or just want to improve the look of your neighborhood, we have sizes and styles of planters that can fit your needs.

We also take a holistic approach to working with our community and city departments to find the best solution for home and business owners, and those living on the street in our communities.




Not only do we install beautiful planter boxes, but we also clean and sanitize sidewalks and storefronts, maintain our planters and their plants, and go the extra mile to make sure your planters look just as good everyday as the day they were installed- ensuring your home or storefront sidewalk are beautiful and vibrant for years to come. 


Work with Our Community

We work with local city departments to address issues on your street including unsanitary conditions, drug paraphernalia removal, trash cleanup, and freeing access to blocked sidewalks.


Clean and Sanitize

We oversee cleanup efforts and offer power washing, sidewalk cleaning, and sterilization, leaving your store or home-front clean and tidy.


Install and Maintain

Finally, we install beautiful new planter boxes. From large to small, low maintenance to ornate, we'll transform those open areas of sidewalk into beautiful neighborhood additions for many years to come. 


Two Large and Two Small Planters

Frequently Asked Questions


What sizes of planters are offered?

We offer planters in several sizes and shapes. Our most common planters are our large 6 ft long and medium 4 ft long galvanized aluminum tanks. We also offer round wine barrel style and low side tanks.

Who will care for my plants?

Every installation of our low maintenance plant sets comes with a 2 month complementary care guarantee. This ensures your plants will be watered and cared for, and your boxes will be kept free from trash and debris. If a plant dies for any reason it will be replaced free of charge. This period is long enough to establish most low maintenance plants, after which they will only require periodic care.

Do you offer plant care packages? 

For continued service of low maintenance plant sets or other plant arrangements, we offer maintenance and care packages. Contact us for more details.

Can the planters be moved or stolen?

While technically possible, our large and medium planters weigh roughly 1,000-1,800 lbs each once filled- as much as a small car! That makes them nearly impossible to be moved or lifted without the proper equipment.

Are these planters up to City Code?

All of our planters are in compliance with city code and do not require permitting.

Do all planters come in silver or are there other colors?

Yes! While all planters come as either galvanized aluminum or wood, we offer painting services for all of our planters, creating a more personalized and vibrant look for your neighborhood. This also makes touch ups in case of damage or graffiti a breeze. Just tell us the color and we’ve got you covered!

Should I be worried about theft or vandalization?

Theft and vandalism to plants, while uncommon, is an unfortunate occurrence in any big city, but we have tools and techniques to keep plants firmly planted in their boxes and planters looking nice. From hearty, hard to tamper with species, plants secured with stakes and tie downs, and easy to clean top cover materials, your planters will stay looking as they intended.

Do you service San Francisco or the whole Bay Area?

We service and install throughout the entire Bay Area. From the North Bay and San Francisco, to the East Bay and down south, we go everywhere.

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